So I’m, home, I’m loving life and I’m talking to friends. Today, over flapjack, I discussed with one of them what would be on my wishlist for the next ten years. Things I’d like to have done, places I would want to go. As someone with a penchant for planning, a fan of lists, and a greater fan of crossing things off lists I figured I would do it and publish it. In fact they were nearly so keen on the idea I thought I’d do a facebook post on it as well, tagging people to see what they fancied doing. For inspiration, envy and amusement. I’ve left off the obvious ones of having a happy home life, my family knowing I love them and work continuing to go well. In ten years time I’ll be 38. I want to have done the following

Zee Matterhorn

1, Touched the southern hemisphere

2, Climbed the Matterhorn

3, And a peak over 6,000m

4, Arrived at an event by jumping out of a plane. I’m not fussy between freefall or parachute

5, Learnt at least one of Arabic, Welsh, Spanish or Urdu

6, Understood how to use semi colons and colons

7, Learnt to drive a tank. Like a real one

8, Be able to consistently do the splits.

9, Visited at least 5 locations where they have filmed Bond movies, and pretend to be a Bond Girl in them all.

10, Start riding  competitively again and get placed in affiliated eventing

11, Sung a whole song, in tune and with the correct rhythm

12, Read the copy of Crime and Punishment I own to look clever

13, Be able to quote bits of religious text like Jed Bartlett

14, Designed my own pair of kick ass heels

15, Have a Samoyed

16, Develop at least 20 dishes that are my own recipe

17, Become a damson gin making expert

18, Get an advanced maths qualification. Just so I don’t forget how much I love numbers and letters masquerading as numbers.

19, Go rappelling. Repeatedly.

20, And Bungee jump from some scarily high bridge.


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