Lots of people on my most recent (and other) trips I go on tell me I’m brave to travel on my own. I’m not, but I promised I’d use my own meandering experience as some tips for others

Generally travelling on your own is huge amounts of fun. You are less threatening to approach and if you want to have a conversation you have got to talk to people, not just the group you are in. You’ll soon make a trail of friends, especially children. Prepare yourself for a truly random selection of conversations and a lot of care and curiosity from people you’ve never met.

1, Buy a ring. Put it on your wedding finger.

2, Remember as a consequence when people ask you if you are married you need to say yes.

3, So make up a fake husband and go from there. It’s a sad but true indicator that the colour of your skin will in many places be likely to make you much wealthier than the locals. Most of those marriage proposals are more about wealth than love. So keep the ego in check..

4, If things ever get hairy head to the nearest woman to ask for help – or in most places a taxi driver. Agree a price with them and get the hell out.

5, When people ask about your family it sometimes pays to augment a little. A few years ago my brother did some wrestling in his spare time. I didn’t hesistate to tell a trio of sex pests that it was his job. Really he manages Ocado’s West London hub. Not quite as scary is it?

6, Offering round food on public transport is de rigeur in many places. It’s also a great way to make friends.

7, You’ll need a camera with a self timer, and no sense of shame about posing for yourself.

8, Try and learn a bit about football. Or at least Manchester United and Chelsea, those conversations will hold you through interminable boredom.

9, Take a healthy selection of books. And some noise cancelling headphones.

10, If you have a few pictures from home on your digicam it can make a nice talking point and make you feel better during the inevitable nighttime pangs of homesickness.

11, Pack well and carefully. Possessing items like a head-torch can make you an object of intrigue and a magnet to forgetful travellers.

Chill, have fun and get ready for a fabulous ride.

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  1. RMG

    Football and food are the right things for joined to others.
    Also the wedding ring is an ancient trick still used.

  2. aligoldsworthy

    Jenna: I thought of you when I wrote it!

    RMG: Most of these are tricks I gathered from other travellers. But sometimes I pretend to be married here too.. You just need to remember to take the ring off occasionally or you get *very* strange questions about your tanline when you get home!

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