I fly home tomorrow.. can’t believe a month has gone do so quickly already. As a final part of my gloating (did I mention it’s 35 degrees C here?) some more photos to prove I am alive, well and having the time of my life.

First off I headed south from Mole. Stopping in Kumasi, Ghana’s charming second city. The next day I thought I’d struck lucky as I climbed on a bus that looked like this

Take that Megabus .. or not

Except I hadn’t. Twenty minutes later we broke down. We sat at the side of a road and then a four hour journey took 10 hours and I lost the will to live. And missed my connection.

Every cloud, however. I rocked up to continue my journey they next day to find two lovely German ladies I’d met before were also heading the same way as me. Clubbing up with two of their other friends the 5 of us headed for Wli falls. The falls, the highest in West Africa are right on the border with Togo. Being sensible we elected to go to the upper falls. which left us all knackered. Hiking in jungle is a tad more strenuous than the wind and rain I am used to. It was worth it though quite a view huh..

In front of the upper falls

That village there in the distance. That’s where we started out..

Wli village in the background..

Fortified by food we meandered our way south to the coast again staying on the estuary resorts of Ada Foah. One side has the Volta river, the other the ocean.

Ada Foah

After two days I bid farewell to my lovely traveling friends and have headed back to where it all began. Kokrobite. I’ve picked up a bit of a tan this last month though.

Bis Bald!

Doused in deet for a night at Kokrobite..

Snow providing. And the small fact my flight was meant to originate in the Ivory Coast I’ll be back early on Tuesday. See you all then!

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