Location: Kokrobite

Average temperature : 30 degrees C

Number of irritating Libyan security guards who tried to trap me in the toilet to convince me to marry them and make their babies: 1

After what can only be described as an ‘interesting’ transit through Tripoli with Gadaffi overseeing all with his ever pervasive pictures and cult of personality I was glad to find Ghana a bundle more welcoming.

Arriving at night I wondered if I was taking my life into my hands as I stepped into a cab  with ‘Jesus will protect us’ emblazoned on the back.  He clearly did as we made it to the hostel safely. After a quick drink I woke up the morning aftert to this.

Not bad huh? Kokrobite is where the NGO staffers come for the legendary parties at Big Millie’s. It’s easy to see why this is listed as one of the top ten hostels in the world. And it’s not hard to guess why I’ll be here until the weekend.

The beach outside is simply stunning and the waves of the proper variety. i.e you can stand in up to your knees and they’ll crash over your head with a vengence that could leave you naked as they rip your swimwear off. Having observed this happening to others I clung on tight.

The people of Ghana’s relationship with God seems a bit of an odd one. But at least they celebrate him. I mean, if you are going to believe in God then be happy about. And boy are they happy everywhere. Especially in the names of shops ‘God is Beautiful hairdressers’  ‘God is wonderful clothes shop’ and EVERY form of public transport is emblazoned with a reference to a psalm. The most common being 35 and 91. Not being a student of theology I have no idea what they are. But leave me in ignorance if they aren’t good huh. I’ve got a long trip to do on Sunday.

Today is of course Remembrance Day. They don’t commemorate it here which seems odd as 50,000 Ghanaian’s fought in the first and second world war. Being poppyless I decided to go make my own on the beach. Poppy’s have four petal’s right?

If I don’t seem like I’ve been up to much that’s sort of the point. I’m devouring books at a rate of nearly two a day. sleeping and relaxing. And I love it.  I check my phone most days so feel free to share news and especially gossip. But by text rather than phone. I’m not picking up answer machine messages.

The waves, they beckon. And the cocktails. And some sleep.

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  1. RMG

    Kokrobite beach can be dangerous at night, so beware of pickpockets and petty thieves. Take a tour to the Franco’s place, italian restaurant. Nice place.

  2. Drew Morton

    Hiya, sounds as if you’re having a great time. One quote from Ps 35 reads ‘take hold of my shield and buckler…draw the spear and javelin….any army surplus stores or sports retailers about?

    There again (Ps91) ‘he will give his angels charge over you…’ So that’s all right then

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