I’ve had this blog for over a year and just not used it.. right now though twitter and facebook seem a slightly inadequate way to let people know I am ok.

Earlier tonight I passed out. A barrage of tests suggest there isn’t any obvious reason. It certainly had nothing to do with the beautiful Preston Bradley Hall where I was listening to Congressman Rush.

The British Council Staff here were great and despite my protestations called an ambulance. They were right. Whilst I was only out for 10-15 seconds it took me a fair while to be able to sit up. I need to not be so stubborn.

7 hours later I’m out of hospital, about £1k lighter (yes I do have insurance, praise be to my foresight) and can confirm I don’t have a blood clot, DVT or an irregular heart beat. Before anyone asks, no brain tumours aren’t hereditary.

There isn’t actually a County General, so no George Cloony for me to gawp at. The staff at the hospital were great, although I must confess getting asked for my bank details as the canula was removed from my arm made me appreciate the NHS even more than I already do.

Big thanks to lots of the rest of the crew on TN2020, the British Council Team and apologies to Congressman Rush and other speakers who I sort of disrupted a bit.


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