What to do in San Francisco and the Bay Area

It’s almost routine now for Doug and I’s friends to ask us what are the best activities to do in San Francisco (SF) and the Bay Area. The below is a product of our own meandering experience.. Getting in If you are flying into SF then it’s most likely you will land at SF airport.


Zion National Park – hiking the narrows in winter

It was a bracingly chilly as we went to Zion Adventure Company to pick up dry suits that left us looking like Michelin men. Their reassuring and experienced hand meant we began the short hike to the narrows with only some trepidation and a lot more boundless excitement about magic suits that would keep us

Personal Challenge

20 things to do in the next ten years

So I’m, home, I’m loving life and I’m talking to friends. Today, over flapjack, I discussed with one of them what would be on my wishlist for the next ten years. Things I’d like to have done, places I would want to go. As someone with a penchant for planning, a fan of lists, and



This is a cross post from Ruth and Leo’s  year long exploit blog. There’s nothing like greeting your friends through bars. And should I ever need a taste of what life in prison would be like, Santa Marta airport prepared me well. It’s not too bad when you wake up the next morning to a


Ding Ding, Round 2

And off to Colombia I go to meet up with Ruth and Leo. I’m repacked, even lighter than before and ready to make some trouble. You can catch me, or me in warm photos in Tananga The City of the Lost Tayrona National Park Cartagena San Gil Bogata As instructed, I am taking a variety of


Single, white, female

Lots of people on my most recent (and other) trips I go on tell me I’m brave to travel on my own. I’m not, but I promised I’d use my own meandering experience as some tips for others Generally travelling on your own is huge amounts of fun. You are less threatening to approach and


The final countdown

I fly home tomorrow.. can’t believe a month has gone do so quickly already. As a final part of my gloating (did I mention it’s 35 degrees C here?) some more photos to prove I am alive, well and having the time of my life. First off I headed south from Mole. Stopping in Kumasi,


Attempting the Splits in Paradise

Average temperature : 30 degrees C in the shade Average wave height: Proper over the head variety Successful attempts at doing the splits: 0 Leaving Kokrobite I learnt a valuable lesson. Here there is rush hour which is long, slow and painful to get through. Then there is ‘Church hour’ which is a million times



Location: Kokrobite Average temperature : 30 degrees C Number of irritating Libyan security guards who tried to trap me in the toilet to convince me to marry them and make their babies: 1 After what can only be described as an ‘interesting’ transit through Tripoli with Gadaffi overseeing all with his ever pervasive pictures and